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Locksmith Sheffield

Auto locksmith Sheffield



Welcome to Locksmiths 4 u


Welcome to Sheffield's number one auto, domestic and commercial locksmith's in and around the great city of Sheffield.Our expertly trained engineers  can be with you within the hour in an emergency. We pride ourselves in being the best.

That's why we have to give the general public the best possible service. We are able to open all lock types including all cars, car doors, car boot, bikes, steering locks, crut locks, wheel clamps, front doors, wooden doors, upvc doors and windows.


we have the ability to do many vehicles including fiat,alfa,vw,audi,seat,skoda,toyota,ford,nissan ad most other cars on the market.we can make keys quicker than the dealers.  


Have you lost your keys for your home or vehicle?

we understand that you lose your keys and it was the only key that was left for your car, bike or front door . Don't worry Sheffield auto locksmiths can come to your rescue and open the required lock and make a new key to that specific lock. A service that is available on site 24hrs a day 365 days a year we understand it is hard to find someone that is going to give you a good service for a good price whether your in Sheffield.


Have you had you keys stolen for your home , car or bike?

Unfortunately in this day and age people will try and take something that has been worked very hard for like your home and vehicles.Due to high car theft in europe and asia. The immobiliser was introduced in the early 1990's. This stopped the infamous black cap situation and meant that vehicles could only be driven with the original key(s).This meant the burglar was now having to come into your home where you feel safe to take the key(s) for your beloved vehicle which is your's.We have worked with the local police and surrounding neighbourhoods to try and eliminate this from our local communities. But sometimes you might find yourself in this situation. Don't worry we can make keys to your vehicle and re programme the immobiliser and ecu on your car so the culprit(s) can not drive the vehicle, we can also re-key the locks on all doors need ignitions so the old key won't work at all. Many insurance companies have different policies so please check your documents.





We supply a large range of locksmith services including supply, fit, repair and replace. Our qualified locksmiths will be able to open and replace keys on any vehicle. Operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Don't call a rogue trader. We are registered with trading standards so you can be assured of our workmanship and price compatability.


Toyota re-programmed when all keys are lost don't pay the dealer price of over 1000 pound, we can do this for a fraction of the price. Dealer codes not needed.




















Dealer codes not needed.




Every month we try to offer you the great public a good deal, one that will benefit you.




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